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Tethered Balloons


Hot Air Balloons:   If you are planning a get-together, company party, wedding, festival, or any other function that will be attracting a crowd, why not "WOW!" them with a unique experience - a tethered hot air balloon!  In addition to allowing your guests to see a balloon up close, tethered hot air balloons can provide them the opportunity to experience a balloon ascension of about 30 to 50 feet above the ground.  (The balloon is harnessed with lines that secure it to the ground so your guests won't float away on "free flight.")  The balloon we use to tether accommodates four passengers at a time.  Each ascension lasts approximately five minutes.


Winds are generally most calm in the early mornings and just before sunset, so we prefer to tether at these times.  Accordingly, our tether rates are:

8am to 11am - $  895 per hour.
11am to 6pm - $1095 per hour.
6pm to 9pm   - $  895 per hour.


There is a two-hour minimum per tether. 


(Photo courtesy of James Childs.)




Cold Air Balloon:  If a hot air balloon tether isn't in the budget, why not garner attention with a cold air balloon?  This balloon stands tall and has banner Velcro so you can attach your own, 6' tall personalized message all the way around the balloon!  (Over the entire plain yellow mid-section.)  Call our office for more detailed information.


The daily rate for this cold air balloon is $300.  Call our office for weekly discounted rates.




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Airial Balloon Company

10123 Airport Way, Snohomish, WA  98296


(360) 568-3025



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